Celebrities who visited Foynes


There is a strong hint in the journalist’s report in the Daily Telegraph, 5th July 1944 that Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, travelled through Foynes by flying boat, but this is most unlikely.

In February 1944, actor and decorated naval officer, Douglas Fairbanks passed through Foynes followed by Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin and novelist Ernest Hemingway in May. Also in 1944, Polish Prime Minister Mikolajczjk in June, Czechoslovak Minister Jan Masaryk and New Zealand Prime Minister P. Frazer during July transited through Foynes.

Everyone that was anyone flew through Foynes during those years including from the world of politics, John F. Kennedy, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, Anthony Eden (Foreign and Dominions Secretary), Lord Keynes (Maynard) (Economist, British Treasury), A. P. Herbert (British Minister) and Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Royalty included Prince Ibn Saud (Saudi Arabia), Charlotte, Duchess of Luxembourg, Queen Wilhelmina of Holland, King George of Greece, Olaf Crown Prince of Norway and Prince Bernhard of Holland People from the world of entertainment included actor and comedian Bob Hope, actors Merle Oberon, Gracie Fields, Bill Rogers, Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart, and musician Yehudi Menuhin.

  • John-F-Kennedy-picJohn F. Kennedy
  • Merle-Oberon-picMerle Oberon
  • Yehudi-Mehuhin-picYehudi Mehuhin
  • Mrs-Eleanor-Roosevelt-picMrs. Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • Ernest-Hemingway-picErnest Hemingway
  • Humphrey-Bogart-picHumphrey Bogart
  • Queen-Wilhelmina-picQueen Wilhelmina of Holland
  • Bob-Hope-picBob Hope